Thursday, September 6, 2007

NRA Director Says Five Rounds is Enough

NRA Director Says Five Rounds is Enough
That JPFO and the NRA have different views on "gun control" is no secret; you can read our position -- and view supporting evidence -- at . You can also read an article on the NRA's recent alignment with gun-prohibitionist Carolyn McCarthy at .
And now, NRA Director Joaquin Jackson has publically stated that magazine capacities should be limited to five rounds and that "assault weapons [sic] should be limited to military or police." That's right -- a director of the supposedly pro-gun NRA wants to take YOUR semi-automatic rifles away.
Don't believe us? Think it's just a rumor? View the evidence for yourself at (we also have it mirrored on the JPFO site at ).
Already the NRA apologists are coming out of the woodwork. Anyone who points out the hypocrisy of Jackson's position are denounced as "wackos", "black helicopter paranoids," and "just trying to make a buck."
It's time to "Humiliate and Repudiate" Joaquin Jackson and the NRA. Go to to see our latest handbill. Print it out and distribute it to those who still believe the NRA is working in the interest of gun owners. They are not.
If you value the truth more than betrayal and want an aggressive defense of your natural and Second Amendment rights, visit to learn how you can join JPFO. We encourage you to use our "gun control" destroying books and videos ( ) and get on board with us today.
- The Liberty Crew
PS Don't forget that you can view all our "Humiliate and Repudiate" handbills at

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1 comment:

Rich said...

I think Joaquin Jackson needs to resign immediately. With friends like these, who needs enemies?
Things are pretty bad when the NRA doesn't get the 2d Amendment.
No, it isn't about hunting.