Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year! Let's get $20 Million for Ron Paul tonight!

Happy New Year, everybody!

Let's get Ron Paul up to $20,000,000.00 tonight! It's the final 'Money Bomb' for 2007.

At this moment his cash for the quarter stands at $19,490,028.05. Let's end 2007 with him having at least $20 million!

Thank you, and God bless you all!

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Up, up, and away in my beautiful balloon (blimp)

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Why Bill Kristol calls Ron Paul a 'crackpot'

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Can we boycott Fox News straight out of business?

Fox News is horrible. Fair and balanced? Not hardly.

Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Bill O'Reilly have been rude and dismissive, when not openly hostile, to Ron Paul.

Now it appears that he is the only Republican candidate not invited to their debate.

Fox News deserves a good boycott. Not that the other media outlets are that much better, most of them deserve to ignored and boycotted.

It looks like their stock is dropping. Looks like a good trend to me.

Sean Hannity, you are NOT a great American. Bill O'Reilly, SHUT UP. Rush Limbaugh, you're a RINO.

If any of the other candidates had enough honor, integrity, or strength of character they'd denounce and boycott the debate for the travesty that it is. I'll be really surprised if that happens.

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Don't let Fox News censor Ron Paul

From the good folks at Downsize DC:


The Public Must Hear the DC Downsizer Perspective on the Issues

Tell your friends about this campaign!Has Ron Paul been banned from FoxNews?

Who will win the Presidential campaign? takes no position.

But we must applaud when a presidential candidate agrees with us!

And when only one candidate speaks up for Downsizing DC, his voice should be included in media-run debates and forums.

Let us show you what we mean. There are six major Republican candidates. Rudolph Giuliani, Mike Huckabee, John McCain, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, and Fred Thompson.

Repeal the Real ID Act - only Ron Paul speaks for that.

Stop the War in Iraq - only Ron Paul speaks for that.

Federal Deficit tied to Congressional Pay Cut - only Ron Paul speaks for that.

Repeal the Patriot Act - only Ron Paul speaks for that.

Honest Money - only Ron Paul speaks for that.

Enumerated Powers Act - only Ron Paul speaks for that.

And we save the best for last. The American Freedom Agenda Act, which would . . .

Repeal the “Military Commissions Act of 2007” and thereby restore the ancient right of habeas corpus and end legally sanctioned torture by U.S. government agents

Restore the ”Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act” (FISA) and thereby outlaw warrantless spying on American citizens by the President of the United States

Give Congress standing in court to challenge the President's use of "signing statements" as a means to avoid executing the nation's laws

Make it illegal for government agents to kidnap people and send them abroad to be tortured by foreign governments

Provide legal protection to journalists who expose wrong-doing by the Federal government

Prohibit the use of secret evidence to label groups or individuals as terrorists for the purpose of criminal or civil sanctions

. . . only Ron Paul speaks for these issues. In fact, he introduced the bill!

These issues need a voice. You can send a message to Congress on any of them.

But they need to be included in debates and forums. The American people need to learn about the smaller government perspective. Censorship of these very American ideas is unacceptable.

FoxNews, and many in the Republican establishment, have made it clear, repeatedly, that they don't want a candidate saying such things. And now . . .

According to the New Hampshire State Republican Party and an Associated Press report, Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul will be excluded from an upcoming forum of Republican candidates to be broadcast by Fox News on January 6, 2008.

This won't be a debate. The candidates will be questioned by Chris Wallace (host of FoxNews Sunday), around a table, in a studio on the campus of St. Anselm College. The program will include Giuliani, Huckabee, McCain, Romney, and Thompson.

Do you notice who is missing from that list?

The candidate who would tell the world about Downsize DC issues!

"They Decide. We Report."

Now you know. Now you get to call them on it.

It's not the candidate that matters. It's the message. This message must not be snuffed out by FoxNews censorship. Time is short. Take action and tell them now!

Use the information in this introductory material to craft your own, unique message. Personalized messages are worth more than form messages. We've made this as simple as possible for you, but we can't BE you.

If you've used our Congressional Contact System before just enter your user email address and password, and hit GO. You'll be taken to a screen where you can add your own comments to the message to your elected representatives.

If you're using our Congressional Contact System for the first time, please fill out the form for new users. This information is generally used to direct your message to the correct Senators. Please provide your own password. Do not let the system create one for you. Remember your password. It will allow you to use our system easily in the future for other issues -- to contact Congress. Please use an email address you check regularly so you can receive our free email newsletter, the Downsizer Dispatch, and stay up to date on Congressional actions.

The Petition
Below is the text of the letter we will send on your behalf:

One candidate speaks for smaller government: Ron Paul. Include him in the January 6th forum at St. Anselm College.

[Your personal comments here]

Get Involved!

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ron Paul responds to the Bhutto assassination

What part of 'We should mind our own damn business' can't they get?

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Full Page Ad in the New York Times courtesy of Lawrence Lepard

Thank you, Mr. Lepard! and thank you to David Codrea, for posting this on his fine blog, The War On Guns.

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Monday, December 24, 2007

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Neil Cavuto owned by Ron Paul

Cavuto: Got priorities?

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Kiran Chetry Interviews Ron Paul

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John Stossel Interviews Ron Paul

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Glenn Beck interviews Ron Paul

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Ron Paul raises record-breakin $6M in one day! (Morning Joe Show)

In this interview, Ron Paul discusses his one day haul of over $6 million in small donations from private individuals (i.e., no PAC or union donations), among other issues facing our nation (and US history):

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Message from Ron Paul

December 17, 2007

What a day! I am humbled and inspired, grateful and thrilled for this vast outpouring of support.

On just one day, in honor of the 234th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, the new American revolutionaries brought in $6.04 million, another one-day record. The average donation was $102; we had 58,407 individual contributors, of whom an astounding 24,915 were first-time donors. And it was an entirely voluntary, self-organized, decentralized, independent effort on the internet. Must be the "spammers" I keep hearing about!

The establishment is baffled and worried, and well they should be. They keep asking me who runs our internet fundraising and controls our volunteers. To these top-down central planners, a spontaneous order like our movement is science-fiction. But you and I know it's real: as real as the American people's yearning for freedom, peace, and prosperity, as real as all the men and women who have sacrificed for our ideals, in the past and today.

And how neat to see celebrations all across the world, with Tea Parties from France to New Zealand. This is how we can spread the ideals of our country, through voluntary emulation, not bombs and bribes. Of course, there were hundreds in America.

As I dropped in on a cheering, laughing crowd of about 600 near my home in Freeport, Texas, I noted that they call us "angry." Well, we are the happiest, most optimistic "angry" movement ever, and the most diverse. What unites us is a love of liberty, and a determination to fix what is wrong with our country, from the Fed to the IRS, from warfare to welfare. But otherwise we are a big tent.

Said the local newspaper ( "The elderly sat with teens barely old enough to vote. The faces were black, Hispanic, Asian and white. There was no fear in their voices as they spoke boldly with each other about the way the country should be. Held close like a deeply held secret, Paul has brought them out of the disconnect they feel between what they know to be true and where the country has been led."

Thanks also to the 500 or so who braved the blizzard in Boston to go to Faneuil Hall. My son Rand told me what a great time he had with you.

A few mornings ago on, I saw a YouTube of a 14-year-old boy that summed up our whole movement for me. This well-spoken young man, who could have passed in knowledge for a college graduate, told how he heard our ideas being denounced. So he decided to Google. He read some of my speeches, and thought, these make sense. Then he studied US foreign policy of recent years, and came to the conclusion that we are right. So he persuaded his father to drop Rudy Giuliani and join our movement.

All over America, all over the world, we are inspiring real change. With the wars and the spying, the spending and the taxing, the inflation and the credit crisis, our ideas have never been more needed. Please help me spread them in all 50 states. Victory for liberty! That is our goal, and nothing less.



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Plot to Assassinate Ron Paul?

There's been some talk online about an assassination attempt on Ron Paul. I have two things to say about that:

From the Ron Paul Forums:
Originally Posted by Channing
"The best way to protect Ron Paul is by "detargeting" him.

By this, I mean that our movement must not wholly depend on Ron Paul personally.

We must vow to continue advancing his *ideas* no matter what happens.

Any attack on Ron Paul by the establishment would then not bring their desired effect, namely the end of the movement, and therefore be futile."

Thank you, that's exactly what I was going to say. We need to be fully committed, no matter what, to keep working for the cause of freedom. We need to make it clear that doing any harm to Ron Paul will be futile.

The Light of God surrounds Ron Paul;
The Love of God enfolds Ron Paul ;
The Power of God protects Ron Paul;
and the Presence of God watches over Ron Paul;
Where ever Ron Paul is,
God is!
And all is well!

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Secret to the Ron Paul Phenomenon

December 15, 2007 |
Pay attention, all you politicians and campaign managers who yearn to discover the secret to building Paulian-level support (yes, I predict a future adjective in the making). I will share the secret with you, but first the bad news: You may as well forget it because it can't be done.

Let me say that again. It can't be done. It can't be created or made to happen. It only happens spontaneously when a certain precondition exists.

What's the precondition, you ask? That's the "secret".

While I admire his modesty, I will disagree with Paul when he says that people are just responding to the message...though that's certainly an important part of it. It's also, and primarily, the character of the person involved. It's who you are—or more to the point, who you've been. The sort of man that Ron Paul is is unique in the contemporary political scene, and that is what droves of people are responding to. The politician or campaign staff hoping to generate a similar grassroots phenomenon needs to understand that you either are 'that person', or you aren't. You can forget all the consultants and strategies; it's something that can't be manufactured or learned, it's got to be lived. The framework for the Ron Paul phenomenon began some thirty years ago, when he first went to Congress and cast his very first vote. That's the sort of stuff it takes: A decades-long, unflagging personal devotion to and undeviating record of defending liberty and constitutional republican government.

In short, it requires integrity and integrity can't be faked. You either got it or you ain't. And the market will make that judgment.

Watch the extended PBS interview with Paul here.


Posted by David McClain on 12/15/2007

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Would the Founding Fathers endorse Ron Paul?

Empirical Proof That The Founding Fathers Would Endorse Ron Paul

Constitutional law as defined by Wikipedia, is the study of foundational or basic laws of nation states and other political organizations. Constitutions are the framework for government and may limit or define the authority and procedure of political bodies to execute new laws and regulations.

As we all know, the United States is governed by a Constitution as well but have we lost sight of this? Has our government set aside the rights of its individuals?

It is apparent from watching the Republican and Democratic debates that the Constitution has become a very important talking point but what has caused this?

Let's start answering some of the questions.

According to many, politicians are averting the rights of its citizens with laws like the Patriot Act, rendition, and the loss of habeas corpus. Not to mention the legality of the Iraq invasion. Ron Paul's success stems from the fact that he preaches a return to Constitutional principles. But when all of the other candidates start preaching the same thing it becomes muddled as to which politician is true to the Constitution and which politician says it merely for personal gain.

First, I would like to mention that it is because of Ron Paul that the candidates have begun to preach the importance of the Constitution. I know this because I have parsed the transcripts of the Republican presidential debates and here is what I found with regards to the number of instances in which the candidates spoke about the Constitution.

Keep in mind that there have been many references to Constitutional amendments that would either ban abortion or gay marriage. Those instances were not counted as they do not reflect a desire to return to Constitutional principles but rather change it to fit their needs. We also excluded mentions of state constitutions for obvious reasons...

Great article from, check out the stats here!

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Today is Tea Party Day!

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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Ron Paul wake-up call!

Ron Paul rocks. Rudy Giuliani disgusts me.

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Friday, December 14, 2007

PBS Debate Compilation: Ron Paul Question & Answers 12/12/07

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Holiday wishes from Ron Paul

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Ron Paul on Mad Money

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Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics (Frank Luntz)

Thanks to Bern for bringing this to my attention. Frank Luntz is the propagandist tool behind those polls which claim that Ron Paul has so little support. Watch the video to see how the facts are twisted to represent what they want you to believe.

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Monday, December 3, 2007

Message from Ron Paul

December 3, 2007

Want to know a secret? There were two moments I especially enjoyed at the CNN/YouTube debate -- despite my frustration at some of the questions, and the maldistribution of time.

First, I was pleased at John McCain's attack, which he clearly had planned. Not because that sort of stream-of-consciousness nonsense about Hitler and WWII -- when the neocons openly want what they call WW IV! Are we to forget that the first war crime charged at Nuremberg was waging aggressive war?

I mean this: mainstream politicians NEVER attack an opponent they think is far behind. The McCain campaign, we've heard, is worried sick about New Hampshire, and they thought a slam at me would help. Ha! Of course, it only strengthened our forces.

Then, after the debate, Rudy Giuliani walked up to me and said, "Oooh, you sure have a LOT of supporters." It's only the beginning, I told him.

Indeed, he could have told that by the crowd outside after the debate. Mitt Romney had a few people, but no one else did. We, on the other hand, had about 50 enthusiastic revolutionaries, plus a boat, a trolley, and two planes towing lighted signs. As I looked out at the crowd, I thought: the establishment has no idea of what they are facing. We have an army of freedom, prosperity, and peace. As the LA Times political blog noted the other day, the British also thought they had no problem with the Americans--until Yorktown.

But we have an astoundingly short time before the first contests. The Iowa caucuses are on January 3, the New Hampshire primary is on January 8, and Nevada and South Carolina are both on January 19. We have only 30 days to stake our claim to the nomination, and to the new America that restores the ideals of the founders, and leads the world through free enterprise, a sound dollar, the rule of law, and peaceful example. Not through inflation and bombs.

Help me surprise the neocons and all the establishment with our success. Help me build the foundation for the America we all want. Send your most generous contribution: The military-industrial complex, the biased media, the big banks, the Fed, the waterboarders, and the IRS don't like what we're doing. But every good American is applauding us, and daring to hope for a better future.

Please, help me give it to them, to us, to all Americans to come. Keep this revolution growing and winning:



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CNN = Corrupt News Network

"CNN: Corrupt News Network
A self-serving agenda was set for the Republican presidential debates.
December 1, 2007

THE United States is at war in the Middle East and Central Asia, the economy is writhing like a snake with a broken back, oil prices are relentlessly climbing toward $100 a barrel and an increasing number of Americans just can't afford to be sick with anything that won't be treated with aspirin and bed rest.

So, when CNN brought the Republican presidential candidates together this week for what is loosely termed a "debate," what did the country get but a discussion of immigration, Biblical inerrancy and the propriety of flying the Confederate flag?

In fact, this most recent debacle masquerading as a presidential debate raises serious questions about whether CNN is ethically or professionally suitable to play the political role the Democratic and Republican parties recently have conceded it."

Read more here.

Good article.

That was a festering load of tripe that CNN tried to foist off on us as a 'debate'.

If I were an authoritarian with the power to do so, I'd yank CNN's licenses for their incredible irresponsibility.

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