Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bogus Election Polls

Below is a link to a bogus election poll. Why is it bogus? Because no matter how many times anyone votes for Ron Paul, he still has only 25 votes. Hmmm.

Remember the 3 types of lies? "Lies, damn lies, and statistics". Caution: the so-called "poll" linked below is probably a data-mining operation, so fill out the forms at your own risk.

You can read more of the background on the Ron Paul forums:

Speaking of bogus election polls, there are a number of polls out there that don't include Ron Paul at all. Reader's Digest, Glenn Beck, and GOPStrawPolls are a few examples of this type of disinformation BS. The PajamasMedia poll which I currently have on my blog used to ignore the good Doctor, and if they do that again I'll take them off my website.

By their fruits you shall know them folks. What can we possibly conclude about anyone who deliberately ignores the only honest* candidate out there?

*this means he actually remains faithful to his oath of office to uphold and defend the Constitution, in case you were wondering.

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