Friday, September 7, 2007

An Excellent Resource for Giving Sean Hannity a Piece of Your Mind!!

Posted by: "Ed Boyd" a_texian
Thu Sep 6, 2007 1:15 pm (PST)
My Fellow Texans, Make use of this excellent resource being provided by Downsize-DC (www.downsizedc. org <http://www.downsize> ) to send an email to Sean Hannity, explaining to him in no uncertain terms,your disgust for his deceitful remarks with regards to Dr. Paul's clearwin (33%!!!) in FOX's online poll last night after the debate. MAKESURE and add your own remarks in addition to the default "form letter"at the beginning of the email. Here's the link to this resource:http://action. downsizedc. org/wyc.php? cid=80<http://action. downsizedc. org/wyc.php? cid=80> You'll have to register(I think - I'm already registered with 'em so I'm unsure about that?),but it's well worth it given the importance of this topic. It's freeand easy anyway. Below is a copy of the email I sent - including my own comments therein. The bold portion is the "default" part: ************ ********* ********* ********* ********* ********* ********* ******\**
Dear Mr. Hannity,
You misinformed your audience after the September 5th debate on yournetwork. You told your viewers that Ron Paul supporters were rigging thepost-debate poll by calling in repeatedly, when in truth the system yournetwork uses does not allow repeat phone calls. The truth is that RonPaul won the poll fair-and-square, but you were not fair-and-square,let alone "fair and balanced," in your reporting. Please retract yourfalse statements and acknowledge that Ron Paul really did win the poll.
Please do so during your next national TV broadcast.
My personal comment to you:

As a technology-challeng ed individual who only got a cell-phone a yearago, I'm appalled that you would accuse me of "rigging a vote". I knowfor a fact - as you do too - that only one text-vote per phone isallowed. It's because we REAL Conservative Republican supporters ofDr. Paul are impassioned enough about the first true Statesman to comedown the pike since our nation was founded that we actually BOTHER toaccept the call of duty to vote in such polls; even though we ALSO KNOWthat folks like yourself will almost definitely either mislead your audience as to the outcome (as you have with this one) or even censor usaltogether. As a fellow Republican - a REAL one that is - I'm ASHAMEDOF YOU for using such sick tactics.

I used to watch your show and many others on FOX News (and yes, I evenlike you too Alan!). Y'all there at FOX have fallen into the NeoConAbyss so dismally lately though, that I've altogether removed FOX Newsfrom my Dish-Network Guide (as I had with all the other major network "news" outlets many years ago). This is truly a shame, because REAL Conservatives truly need a venue to present their messages to thepublic.

I'm truly saddened that FOX has become nothing less than a propaganda merchant in the same vein as CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS & NBC.

REAL Conservatives are now left with only the internet and a fewperiodicals to assist in spreading their message and I'll NEVER forgivePresident Bush & his NeoCon minions for that! ************ ********* ********* ********* ********With Y'all in Liberty,Ed Boyd
Fredericksburg Meetup Organizer (#256)

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