Thursday, October 4, 2007

Sean Hannity Lied

I know this is a little old, but people need to know about this:

Hannity Lies To Discredit Ron Paul After Debate

Claims "Paulites" flood voted to skew text poll, yet only one vote per phone number was allowed

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Thursday, September 6, 2007

Fox News and Sean Hannity tried to discredit Ron Paul last night after the latest debate by claiming the Texas Congressman's runaway success in the subsequent text messaging poll was due to "Paulites" flood voting, when in fact only one vote per phone number was allowed.

Ernest Raposa, a viewer in New Bedford, MA, decided to text in his support for Ron Paul and received a message back stating, "FOX News UVOTE: Thank you for voting! Watch Hannity & Colmes for the results."

"As the show progressed, it became obvious, as we have seen previously, that Ron Paul had the most support, hovering around 33 per cent," writes Raposa. "Around 11:25pm EST Hannity declared that though Ron Paul had DOUBLE the support of the tied for second place Giuliani and Huckabee it was clear that the "Paulites" were simply dialing in over and over again, devaluing his lead."

Aiming to test Hannity's theory, Raposa attempted to text in a second vote for Ron Paul from the same cellphone. He received a message back saying, "You have already voted on tonight's debate. Thank you for your participation."

Here's the rest of the article:

Sean Hannity, you are NOT a great American. You are a lying propagandist.

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