Wednesday, October 24, 2007


The DFW MeetUp Groups have a tremendous opportunity in November - The NASCAR races at Texas Motor Speedway will bring HALF A MILLION people to us! Help us bring RON PAUL to them !

We have more than enough local volunteers to work the races - we had close to 200 volunteers come out for the Texas Straw Poll. One of our volunteers is selling Ron Paul Car Wraps and Decals. What we need is help paying for the booth. $5000 will get us a 20'x 20' booth beside the track gate November 1st thru November 4th. Once we have the booth, we can go ALL OUT - balloons, slim jims, buttons, stickers, video screens, you name it! The GRANNY WARRIORS will be there! We have Ron Paul airplane banners flying over the track during the races! We have 3 tent camp sites reserved and YOU ARE WELCOME TO COME AND PARTICIPATE IN THIS EVENT! We will have tents & sleeping arrangements for you ready to go! Please donate and please attend this event! Just call my me at the telephone numbers below if you want to come!

With the potential to reach 500,000 people, that's an advertising cost of less than $.01 per contact - pretty cheap advertising! If there's a couple of TV cameras that catch us, that's all the more people we can reach!

Please help any way you can to get us to our $5000 goal. GO TO

DONATE TODAY - Every little bit will help us win this race!!!


Debra Reineke

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Granny Warrior said...

I have posted time and time again that we ( Granny Warriors) will not be at the texas races. I have told you privately as well as publicly now please stop advertising we will be at the races with you.We have other committments we have to attend to. Thanks Linda (granny)

Rich said...


I apologize for any misunderstanding, I posted that exactly as I got it (please don't shoot the messenger!), but the correction is noted.

Thanks for letting us know, and happy trails to y'all.



Anonymous said...

How much does a car wrap cost? And where's the vendor?

Rich said...


I don't know anything about the car wraps. I think this original message came from the DFW Ron Paul Meetup group, I suggest you ask them. Good luck!