Thursday, October 18, 2007

Let's get Open Carry in Texas!

I found a great new site: Texas Citizens Defense League, Supporters of the Political Initiative for Open Carry of Handguns in Texas

Update: The TCDL site has been down for a while now. I recommend

Here's their Introduction, and I agree with it:

Dear Fellow Texans,

Did you know that there are 43 states in the union that permit Open Carry of firearms? 11 of these states are known as “Gold Star” states where, with few restrictions, law abiding citizens may exercise their 2nd Amendment Constitutional Right, and openly carry on their person and in their vehicle a loaded side arm for personal protection. 11 other states have Open Carry laws that allow their citizens to carry their handguns openly with a permit, and the remaining 21 states allow open carry with various additional restrictions.

Texas gun laws are clearly behind the times. Many citizens of states that currently enjoy Open Carry are surprised to learn that the great Lone Star State does not allow its law-abiding citizens to Open Carry. Many of your fellow Texans and fellow gun owners feel strongly that the time is right for us to unite together in support of a Texas Open Carry Law.

The TCDL is a non-profit, grassroots movement of fellow Texans who are dedicated to supporting our Constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms. We know that it will be a long, hard process to enact this law in Texas but we feel our mutual labors will be rewarded in the end. We are asking for your support in this great effort.

One of our first tasks is to assemble a large data base of supporters. As the list grows we will begin sub-dividing the state into local contact zones. Each zone will work to promote this initiative in its geographical region to more effectively reach out and communicate the progress and needs of the TCDL. Already hundreds of Texans have signed on to work together toward this common goal. But it will take all of us together to successfully push the bill through the Texas legislature.

This is not about money, but about numbers! There is no charge at this time for joining TCDL. All we are asking is for you to say “yes” - you are willing to help us with this noble goal . Please complete the membership form and we will enter your name and email address in a confidential data base. You will then periodically receive our newsletter and updates on our progress as well as suggestions on what you can do to further the cause.

The TCDL is a serious group of pro-gun, pro-2nd Amendment TKBA supporters. Please join us NOW! If you’ve never experienced Open Carry – you don’t know what you are missing! We can do this – and you will be able to look back and proudly say you were an integral part of bringing Open Carry to Texas!

We sincerely thank you for your support.

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Anonymous said...

I think the open carry law needs to be passed in Texas without license because, it is are god given right to protect oneself. If you have to pay for this right it is now a government given right and if that's true the 2nd amendment doesn't mean squat. I think that all the laws on buying and selling firearms are enough to control who has these rights to carry openly. If we do not fight for are rights who will. I don't think that are elected government will fight for us especially in these times

Anonymous said...


I just wanted to let you know that the organization for getting these rights restored is and not You might want to change that in your article.