Thursday, October 4, 2007

Open Letter to Congressman Michael McCaul

Dear Congressman McCaul,

Ron Paul said, "We should take our marching orders from the Constitution!". I whole-heartedly agree. I would love to see your voting record match his.

I wish everyone in Congress and the Senate would honor their oath of office to uphold and defend the Constitution the way Ron Paul does. I am convinced that this would resolve most of our country's problems.

Therefore, I request that you follow Dr. Ron Paul's example. He has a proven track record of upholding and defending the Constitution that spans over three decades, and I'd like to see you do the same.

Thank you very much,


FOLLOW-UP - 10/19/07

Well, it appears Anonymous may have been right. It has been over two weeks since I emailed Rep. Michael McCall, and I haven't seen or heard a peep from him, not even in snail mail. I don't see why every Senator and Congressman are referred to as "The Honorable...", BTW. Most of them do not honor their oath of office to uphold and defend the Constitution, so, as far as I'm concerned, are not "Honorable".

On the other hand, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison has an excellent record of replying to my communications.

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Anonymous said...

Did you send this to Michael McCaul?

If so, odds are excellent it will go unanswered.

My sense is that his office rarely responds to those with differing ideological viewpoints from his.

But then again, he really only needs to please the district's GOP primary voters.

Rich said...

Yes, I actually sent this to Michael McCaul. If I get a reply I'll post it here.

If enough Senators and Congressmen get letters like these, maybe they'll get the memo.

Please send a letter to your Congressman today! Let them know what you want. Make a clear request.