Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Ron Paul and the war

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Elroy said...

I like Ron Paul but I also supported the overthrow of Saddam. I think now we might have been to ambitious in trying to nation build afterwards. I understand Saddam was not behind 911 but there were other strategic reasons to take him out. He was the low hanging fruit, Al Qaeda has been forced to dedicate resources to fight us there etc. But how will pulling out of Iraq now make us safer? When I hear Ron Paul talk about a smaller government and mean it, it is hard not to want to vote for the guy.

FreedomJoyAdventure said...

As long as our troops are over there, it's so much easier for Al-Qaeda to target them. Think about it. We're on THEIR turf.

If we bring our troops home, Al-Qaeda has to come here. While that's not impossible, it's certainly more difficult, especially if our troops are here and available for securing our borders. Assuming, of course, that we have a president like Ron Paul, who actually would secure our borders.

Where do we get the moral authority to meddle in other countries' affairs? Imagine how we would feel if some foreign country decided that it was in their strategic interest to take out OUR president. I don't even like our current president anymore, but I'd be PISSED.

And yeah, it's great to finally have a candidate who has a consistent record of upholding and defending the Constitution. You can see from his record that he really means what he says. I will vote for him even if I have to write him in.