Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Last Debate Invitation for Ron Paul? Open reply to Jim Geraghty

Jim Geraghty of 'the campaign spot' at National Review Online seems to be in a big hurry to get rid of Ron Paul. So here's my reply to him:


I have a few things to say in response to some things you said in your article, 'The Last Debate Invitation for Ron Paul?'":

"Now, I was among those saying 'hey, let’s keep Ron Paul around' in the last debate."

Gee, That was mighty white of you. Is it me, or do you sound really patronizing? How much influence did you really have in that decision?

"And it would be wrong for CNN to rescind an offered invitation."

Yes, it would. Although CNN's 'debate' basically amounted to a rescinded invitation for Dr. Paul, since they didn't really let him speak.

"But the next debate after Super Tuesday really ought to be at least a three man stage, if not a two-man one."

Says who? Why are you so eager to get rid of Ron Paul? He hasn't had a fair hearing in the media YET.

"I can imagine the tide of angry e-mails from Ron Paul folks as I write this, but if he hasn’t broken out in the first 20 debates (I’m not exaggerating, tonight is the twentieth Republican debate) then I don’t think it’s going to happen for him in the 21st. "

All of those so-called debates were utter garbage. Ron Paul has been given very little time to speak compared to his opponents. His opponents have been allowed to interrupt him with comments and childish snickering. When the text polls show him winning the debate, some idiot like Hannity claims that it was the result of cheating.

"Of course, there's another question inherent in this... do we really need a 21st debate? I suppose if the race really has come down to McCain vs. Romney, we ought to see them go nose-to-nose. But we're reaching the point where everything that these guys need to say has been said. Let's vote and get this over with."

Do we really need a 21st debate? Yes, all the previous debates have been utter propaganda crap, just like your article. It's not over yet, and it ISN'T down to McCain vs. Romney, who don't have anything original, or particularly honest, to say.

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Cedric said...

Jim Geraghty sucks.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe American citizens have become so ignorant not to notice what is happening during these debates.

There is no doubt that if "Ron Paul" is NOT a threat to monied interests in this country (in receiving their tax sponsored corporate welfare.....why would they decide to exclude him?

Obviously he is a threat to their free money & ability to then spend it with lobbyists to pass even more legistlation that benefits them directly.

If Ron Paul has such a low amount of support, why did the mainstream media have no problem pushing someone with no support (Guiliani was supposedly a wrapup for the Republican nomination !)

Democrats are exactly the same as most republicans these days. Bought & paid for.

Romney & McCain have been reduced to looking at Paul like a crazy old grandpa when he speaks. That thinly veiled ploy draws more attention to their fear of him than anything else & it tells me they show lack of respect as men.

Steve Casey said...

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