Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lindsey Graham supports a National Anti-Gun Database?

Sen. Lindsey Graham is Sponsoring a Bill That Will Result in a National Anti-gun Database

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Do you know what your supposedly "Republican" senator is
doing right now?

Well, it turns out that Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina is also
leading the "hit parade" on behalf of legislation which would
expand the scope of government in a way unprecedented in human history
-- and which would place your most private medical data into an
anti-gun database.

Hard to believe?

But there he is: Sen. Graham is right up there with certifiable
liberals like left wing Oregon Democrat Ron Wyden and left wing
Michigan Democrat Debbie Stabenow.

The bill is S. 391, and it is being pushed by some Republicans as an
alternative to the Health Care Gun Ban that we've been warning you

S. 391 does a hodgepodge of things, but by far the most important one
is to "solve" the problem of 48 million uninsured by taking
away the right of Americans not to purchase government-approved

If you are uninsured, you would have to buy health insurance, whether
you can afford it or not. If your employer is not unionized, he would
have to retool your employer-provided health insurance policy to comply
with government requirements.

If your employer cannot afford government-approved insurance with all
of the politically correct bells and whistles, too bad. His only legal
alternative is to fire you.

If you cannot afford government-approved insurance, too bad.

If you have to lose your home -- or your small business -- or your
kids' college fund -- in order to pay for government-approved
insurance, too bad.

And like the Massachusetts system on which it is modeled, the federally
mandated insurance would inexorably revolve around a federal database
of medical information that you could not opt out of.

So, remember when your kid's pediatrician asked him about your gun
collection? Or when you grandfather was diagnosed with a mental
disability which could disqualify him from owning a gun?

All of that will be in the federal database, which could be searched by
virtually anyone in the Department of Health and Human Services -- and
by BATF, by simple request.

And, although section 103 of S. 391 purports to allow you to keep the
coverage you have, all employer-provided insurance which you wish to
keep has to be rewritten to contain all the government-required
mandates -- or you're not allowed to keep it.

ACTION: Contact Senator Graham and urge him to remove his cosponsorship
from S. 391. Please use his webform at
to do so (you can copy and paste the following text or type your own).

----- Pre-written letter -----

Dear Senator Graham:

In connection with S. 391 -- the Wyden-Stabenow individual insurance
mandate -- apparently some people are under the delusional notion that
this bill is something other than the biggest government interference
in the private sector in American history.

This crazy bill would put government bureaucrats in the position of
dictating the contents of virtually every insurance policy in the
country -- with the sole conspicuous exception of unionized industries
with collective bargaining agreements.

This bill would result in all kinds of personal information being put
into a medical database. Across the nation, there have been reports
that pediatricians are asking kids about their parents' gun collection.
And military veterans who have been diagnosed with PTSD have already
been disqualified from owning guns.

All of this information will be in the federal database, which could be
searched by virtually anyone in the Department of Health and Human
Services -- and by the FBI and the BATFE, by simple request.

Please do not saddle America with a massive open-ended bill like S. 391.

In short, please remove your cosponsorship from S. 391.


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