Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Let's get Open Carry in Texas!

Dear Fellow Texans,

Did you know that there are 43 states in the union that permit Open Carry of firearms? 11 of these states are known as “Gold Star” states where, with few restrictions, law abiding citizens may exercise their 2nd Amendment Constitutional Right, and openly carry on their person and in their vehicle a loaded side arm for personal protection. 11 other states have Open Carry laws that allow their citizens to carry their handguns openly with a permit, and the remaining 21 states allow open carry with various additional restrictions.

Texas gun laws are clearly behind the times. Many citizens of states that currently enjoy Open Carry are surprised to learn that the great Lone Star State does not allow its law-abiding citizens to Open Carry. Many of your fellow Texans and fellow gun owners feel strongly that the time is right for us to unite together in support of a Texas Open Carry Law.

Please sign the petition now if you have not already done so.

Support open carry!

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Mike Stollenwerk said...

Actually, only 6 states ban open carry, and most require no licesne to open carry.

Anonymous said...

Agreed that Texas lags on this.

Unfortunately petitions carry no standing with the lege. Several sessions back there was still a lone Republican senator pushing for I&R. She's since abandoned that effort.

And for some reason, in Texas, virtually everything is barred, unless we $buy$ a permit. (Let's not speak of the execrable 'affirmative defenses' embodied in Texas law)

Even though there was success (?) rewriting of the 'traveling exception' Texas demographics are swinging against rights to personal arms as domestic immigration skews our electorate's views in a decidedly distasteful direction (damn Californicators).

I commit to carrying the topic to my rep, but since I vigorously and publicly supported an opponent last time around I may not get the time of day. As for my state sen., he's too busy making $$ hawking investment schemes for a bank that bought out his business and installed him as a vp. I'll stop here...see you later.

Babylon Station said...

I can't believe that Texas is one of those 'restrictive states'... it really irks me. We are having a big debate on this issue on one of the threads on my favorite forum: