Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Secret to the Ron Paul Phenomenon

December 15, 2007 |
Pay attention, all you politicians and campaign managers who yearn to discover the secret to building Paulian-level support (yes, I predict a future adjective in the making). I will share the secret with you, but first the bad news: You may as well forget it because it can't be done.

Let me say that again. It can't be done. It can't be created or made to happen. It only happens spontaneously when a certain precondition exists.

What's the precondition, you ask? That's the "secret".

While I admire his modesty, I will disagree with Paul when he says that people are just responding to the message...though that's certainly an important part of it. It's also, and primarily, the character of the person involved. It's who you are—or more to the point, who you've been. The sort of man that Ron Paul is is unique in the contemporary political scene, and that is what droves of people are responding to. The politician or campaign staff hoping to generate a similar grassroots phenomenon needs to understand that you either are 'that person', or you aren't. You can forget all the consultants and strategies; it's something that can't be manufactured or learned, it's got to be lived. The framework for the Ron Paul phenomenon began some thirty years ago, when he first went to Congress and cast his very first vote. That's the sort of stuff it takes: A decades-long, unflagging personal devotion to and undeviating record of defending liberty and constitutional republican government.

In short, it requires integrity and integrity can't be faked. You either got it or you ain't. And the market will make that judgment.

Watch the extended PBS interview with Paul here.


Posted by David McClain on 12/15/2007

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Anonymous said...

Great post. I also strongly recommend David's outstanding blog "Republican Renaissance". David does not seem to have enough time to publish as much as one would wish. At any rate, what he writes is well worth reading.

Georg Thomas, Germany,

just coming back from a marvellous two day event in Strasbourg, France: the Strasbourg Tea Party (held in front of the European Parliament) organised by "Europeans for Ron Paul".

People from all over Europe converged on Strasbourg to show their love and support for the genuine America.

Glaivester said...

The other secret is the tireless work of the people who built the infrastructure of the internet Austro-libertarian movement. There would be no Ron Paul phenomenon if not for websites such as and connecting together the people who are sympathetic to Austro-libertarian ideas and recruiting them.

They helped to create the network of libertarian websites and blogs that serve as the infrastructure for distributing ideas for Ron Paul supporters.

That is not to say that they were built with the idea of electing Paul in mind, but they created the framework that now serves as the infrastructure for Ron Paul's campaign.

I also express this in more detail here.

Anonymous said...




cannot be stressed enough.

Let us thank and support our friends at Lew Rockwell, Anti-War etc.

Georg Thomas

Bern said...

Newsflash - Neocons soiling their armor over Ron Paul support

See a great read from a scared GOP organizer in Washington State for full details. An excerpt:

... The influx of Paul supporters is being seen by every county GOP group, Dow said, after a recent statewide event he attended.

... Robinson said he has no problem with grassroots campaigns, but for him Paul does not represent Republican values. And in many years, he said, not many Republicans come to the local caucuses, which means Paul supporters might be able to take over and send more delegates in favor of Paul to the state convention.

“That should be a red alert to regular Republicans,” Robinson said. “If you don’t want your party taken over, you better get involved.”

"Regular" Republicans - lol. I guess he lost touch with the core values that formed the roots of the Republican party. (Ryan Brennan) said...

Tell everyone: The next money bomb will be Dec. 31, 2007 - New Year's Eve. Visit the site for it here:

There is also a possibility that the Ron Paul Blimp will be flying over Times Square in NYC on New Year's Eve! Imagine how many millions of people would see the blimp on their tv's if that happened!